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I dont know why but today while watching Sachin bat against England and just surfing channels and seeing Sonia Gandhi on one made a strange thought light up in my otherwise rusty brain.

I cant help but compare how similar these two famous personalities are! Here are the similarities that I have found.

Both of them are accomplished players in their own games. :P

Sachin denied captaincy when offered and similarly Sonia Gandhi also denied being the prime minister after Congress won the election.

Sachin may not be the captain but often he is seen on field advising the captain may it be Dhoni, Dravid or even earlier Ganguly. Likewise, Sonia Gandhi is the one who "controls" our prime minister SMS(Sardar Manmohan Singh). :P

Sachin Tendulkar holds an immovable place in the Indian Cricket Team and he cant be left out of the team no matter how bad he performs. Similarly, Sonia Gandhi holds an irreplaceable position on the scenario of Indian Politics.

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